Vanessa Legair

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The beauty of the events industry is the amazing chance to give customers your all, including the many trades and talents you possess.

Upon first contact with a client, I may be the “cake lady” or the “girl making the invitations”. But throughout the conversations, follow up meetings, emails and texts I become the planning ally, the sounding board, the shoulder to cry on and a cheerleader. Sometimes my clients need a little more than the details on a design and I count my blessings that I can be there for them in so many ways.

I’ll never forget a Sunday afternoon phone call from a bride. I had created invitations and favor tags for her wedding...she was so happy with them! On this day though, she was in tears. Seven days before the wedding, a challenging situation arose and she needed help asap! I quickly put on my event planning hat and things were back on track.

The week was crazy busy for all of us but, by Wednesday, the run sheet was in her hand, décor and floral orders were good to go, on Friday I made all the bouquets, bouts and corsages and by Saturday night (well, early Sunday morning after last dance and take down), I hugged a very happy couple and a grateful family.

Vanessa Legair is a certified wedding and special events planner with more than 15 years of experience catering custom cakes, wedding invitations and edible products featuring corporate logos. As lead event organizer, she has assisted charities, businesses and individuals in the planning and execution of charity galas, benefit concerts, anniversary lunch/dinner parties, wedding events and more. 

The company officially launched in the Spring of 2012.

Photo: allison clark | photography